Why Choose Dried Magic Mushrooms

Dried magic mushrooms are one of the popular options to enjoy psilocybin benefits. But what makes it better than the rest? Find out why you should consider dried magic mushrooms.

What is the best way to enjoy magic mushrooms? It is one of the big question marks that hang over new magic mushroom users. There are various methods of consuming psilocybin. Fresh consumption is the most common option but less popular due to its earthy aftertaste and distinct texture. Since some don’t have the palate for its unique flavor and texture, others prefer it dried. Meanwhile, other options to consume magic mushrooms are to have them turned into edibles or powdered, then added to beverages.

Among the above options, a dried magic mushroom is perhaps the most popular choice. Many shroom distributors have a wide collection of dried magic mushrooms. One example is the 3amigos.co. They offer a myriad of dried magic mushrooms from strong variants to milder ones.

Is Dried Shroom a Better Option? 

Having a magic mushroom dried or choosing dried shrooms offers several benefits. If you have been using shrooms for a long time, you’re probably aware of what makes dried shrooms a better choice than fresh ones. If you’re a neophyte on psilocybin use, here is a glimpse of what you can gain from using dried shrooms.

#1 Long Shelf Life

One of the reasons why experienced shroom trippers would choose dried ones to fresh is their long lifespan.

Drying is an effective preservation method of extending shroom shelf life. Fresh magic mushroom has a maximum lifespan of two to three days. On the other hand, dried magic mushrooms can last up to three weeks and even months when stored properly.

Dried magic mushrooms are the best option if you’re planning to buy psilocybin in bulk.

#2 Easy Storage

Dried shrooms are easier to store. You can keep them in a clean jar, a ziplock bag, or any airtight container.

When it comes to shroom storage, make sure to follow these tips. Make sure to choose a dark room to stock your shroom stash. Light, humidity, and fluctuating temperatures are the three main factors that shorten magic mushroom lifespan. These elements reduce the potency and taste of shrooms. Thus, choose a storage room for your magic mushroom wisely.

#3 Less Potent

Is less potency a good thing?

It is for beginners. A highly potent magic mushroom variant is dangerous for new shroom users. It can lead to ‘bad trips’ and cause nausea, long-lasting hallucinations, and even nightmares.

Dried shrooms have less potency compared to fresh ones. Hence, it is safer for beginners and individuals with poor tolerance for psilocybin.

If you want to delve into a more intense trip, you can always add another dosage according to your preference.

Take note that a shroom’s efficacy on a person depends not only on the variant’s potency. Weight and tolerance to the substance are two significant factors to consider as well. These can largely affect how the shroom affects the body. It is why experts always suggest beginners do micro-dosing and increase the dosage gradually for a more intense experience.

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