Who is the Summers Family?

The Summers is one of the largest family trees in the Marvel Universe. Know who they are and the Marvel characters with Summers’s blood flowing in their veins.

The X-Men belongs to the Marvel Universe. The mutant heroes touched the heart of many Marvel fans. They are also one of the popular characters in this universe along with the Avengers.

One of the favorite mutant heroes of Marvel fans is Cyclops. X-Men’s Cyclops, also known as Scott Summers, belongs to one of the largest families in this universe. If X-Men loved their drama, the Summers family has enough drama to make a movie out of it.

Who is the Summers Family?

The Summers family hails from Victorian England. Their story began with a man named Oscar Stamp. Oscar was hired by Nathaniel Essex, who was a mad scientist. His job was to abduct people for Essex’s experiment, involving genetic testing. Among the victims that Oscar abducted was the young orphan named Daniel Edge.

The experiment did not come to fruition because it was intervened by Jean and Cyclops, who came from the future. Daniel fled and ended up in the United States where he began a new life choosing a new surname: the ‘Summers.’

Daniel chose the surname Summers after the married couple saved him. Inasmuch, Cyclops or Scott Summers was Daniel’s inspiration for the name.

Nathaniel Essex eventually becomes a villain, whom he called himself Mr. Sinister after meeting with Apocalypse.

The New Generation of Summers Family

In the 20th century, Christopher Summers and his family went to Alaska for a holiday. However, the supposed vacation became a nightmare. They were attacked by an alien race called Shi’ar. Chris and Katherine were forced to the Shi’ar space. Katherine was later killed in front of his husband by the aliens. On the other hand, Chris escaped and became a leader of an intergalactic pirated called Starjammers.

The X-Men went to the space, where he reunited with his children and found out that Cyclops was one of his boys.

Scott Summers

Scott Summers was in a coma for years due to an air accident. In his awakening, he was taken into an orphanage run by Mr. Sinister, knowing Scott will become a mutant.

Professor X learned about Scott and his uncontrollable optic blast. He took him under his wing and named him Cyclops, becoming one of the first members of the X-Men.

Cyclops’ Siblings

Havok (Alex Summers), the younger Summers sibling, is likewise a mutant. He can generate powerful cosmic blasts. He became more powerful when he crossed paths with Living Monolith, another mutant.

Gabriel Summers is perhaps the most powerful Summers sibling. He was born in Shi’ar space and became a slave. Gabriel was sent back to Earth to work at a Shi’ar operative. However, he was able to escape and crossed paths with Moira MacTaggert.

Gabriel was then named Vulcan. He was sent to live on the island of Krakoa to rescue the original X-Men who were believed to be dead. His experience broke his sanity. Thus, he decided to destroy all those who caused his sufferings in the past. Vulcan is an energy manipulator on a cosmic scale.

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