What is the Best Toilet Seat for Large Size People?

Are you tired of always buying a new toilet seat because it can’t hold your weight?

Say no more to weak and small toilet seats. Get the best impact-resistant and durable seat for you and your family right now!

The design of a standard toilet seat is for average weight individuals. Hence, it can’t withstand overweight and obese individuals. It will break in no time, especially if the item came from poor quality materials. So, if you are planning to buy a new toilet seat, the best choice is a product that is extremely sturdy and durable enough to hold weight up to 1,000lbs.

Enter the Big John 1-W, a toilet seat built for large-sized people.

What is Big John 1-W? 

Big John 1-W is one of the latest versions of toilet seats by Big John Products, one of the trusted manufacturers of toilet seats and bathroom devices.

This model is an oversized toilet seat, complete with cover and stainless steel hinges. Big John Products manufactured this seat with the comfort of oversized users in mind. If you need a toilet seat for overweight people or a person with a disability, you’ll never go wrong with Big John 1-W.

What to Love about this Toilet Seat? 

The Big John 1-W is not popular without reason. Buyers, particularly from public facilities like hospitals and clinics, prefer this product for its advantages.


Here are the five things you’ll love about this unique toilet seat. 

1. Weight Capacity 

The maximum weight capacity of a standard toilet seat is only 1,000lbs. However, smaller toilet seats, particularly the wall-hung models have only a weight limit of 500lbs. For overweight and obese person, such weight limits won’t do. It is indeed a good thing that Big John 1-W has a larger weight capacity than standard toilet seats. This product can hold a maximum weight of 1,200lbs. Thus, it can withstand the impact of overweight or an obese individual without breaking.

2. Strong and Durable 

When it comes to durability, nothing beats the strength of Big John 1-w. The seat is injection-molded and resistant to high impact. Moreover, the seat has a long lifespan. It can last up to several years with proper care and maintenance.

3. Comfortable Seat 

The product offers incredible comfort to users. The seat measures 19 inches with a wide sitting surface. Moreover, the seat is contoured to provide a more luxurious feeling.

4. Impressive Stability 

Inside the Big John 1-W package are stabilizing bumpers. These stabilizing synthetic rubber bumpers grip the bowl to prevent shifting. Also, the seat is 2 inches higher rather than standard toilet seats. This feature allows you to easily mount Big John on the toilet.

5. Hygienic 

The product is made of premium ABS plastic. This material is incredibly strong. But most of all, it is easy to clean, as well as resistant to stain and chemicals.

The Verdict 

The Big John 1-W is no doubt an excellent buy for the money. Although it has received wonderful feedback from customers, this product also has some flaws.

You can go to the Project for Home to find out additional info regarding this product.

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