What Happened to Wolverine and Hulk? The History Behind the Gruesome Battle

Have you ever wondered what had caused Hulk to fight Wolverine? If you are a casual Marvel comics fan, you’ll be surprised that this battle happened in Marvel Universe.

There are quite several battles in Marvel Universe involving the superheroes themselves. One epic battle in MCU between superheroes was in Captain America: Civil War, in which eventually, they all became friends again; the latter did not happen between Wolverine and Hulk.

If it is about a gruesome and most talked about the battle between superheroes in Marvel comics, it was the Hulk and Wolverine battle, where things did not end well, at least not for Wolverine.

What had caused Hulk to fight Wolverine? If you do not know about this interesting history in Marvel Universe, buckle up because the battle between the two superheroes was one of the gruesome battles in the Marvel-verse’s history.

What Happened to Wolverine and Hulk?

There were countless occasions that Wolverine and Hulk would end up fighting one another. These battles uprooted from their first encounter in The Hulk #181 – Wolverine’s iconic first appearance in the Marvel universe.

First Meeting (Round 1)

Wolverine’s first full swing appearance with Hulk was in 1974. In the story, Wolverine was working for the Canadian government to take down the cannibalistic creature, Wendigo. Wolverine was teamed up with Hulk.

In their first meeting, a friendship was about to start; this is the scene where Hulk said “Enemy of my enemy is also my friend”, until Hulk had a change of heart, defeating Wolverine. Originally, Logan was created as an anti-hero and not a villain.

 Second Meeting (Round 2)

In 1988, Wolverine had his ongoing comic series and in a similar year, Hulk started his iconic book cover The Incredible Hulk. In this series, #340, Hulk accidentally leaped past the commercial airliner where Wolverine, Rogue, Havok, Longshot, Dazzler, and Psylocke boarded, causing damage to the airline. Wolverine picked up Hulk’s scent and started tracking him down; while the old wounds from the first meeting opened up.

In this issue, Wolverine was on the upper hand, but for a while. Even though Wolverine jabbed his claws into Hulk’s stomach, he was no near beating the green giant, especially when Hulk can regenerate too. In the end, none of them won the fight because Clay Quartermine broke off the fight using a rocket launcher.

There are more encounters that the two superheroes would end up fighting, but the gruesome battle happened in Wolverine 3: Old Man Logan.

Gruesome Death of Hulk (Final Round)

One of the dark futures in the history of Marvel Universe is when the heroes have died, and the villains have ruled.

Before the gruesome battle between the future Wolverine (Old Man Logan) and Hulk, the Hulk Gang (Hulk’s grandchildren) murdered Wolverine’s family. Because of this incident, the Old Man Logan massacred the Hulk Gang in revenge. Also, this led him to locate Bruce Banner, who had turned into Hulk after got stabbed in the heart by Logan’s claws. Hulk, in his rage, ate Logan alive.

While Hulk has the impression that he had digested the Old Man Logan, the latter recuperates inside Hulk’s stomach. And as Hulk was resting, Wolverine clawed his way out from his nemesis’ stomach, ripping Hulk in half, killing him right then and there.

Although this is seemingly one of the greatest victories of Wolverine against the gamma monster Hulk, it is one of the gruesome battles in the history of the Marvel Universe.

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