Types of Industrial Machine

I guess you are planning to buy a good sewing machine. That’s why you found this article. Everyone comes at a crossroad when they are planning to buy a new product. You are trying to find ideas to find the best sewing machine for quilting or for whatever task you want to do. You are looking for a machine that can fit your budget and your needs at the same time. Well, the first thing you need to know when considering to buy a machine is that there are different types of machines and they play different tasks. With this in mind you will end up choosing the perfect machine for your needs.

In this guide, I will give you a detailed explanation of industrial sewing machines then the next article I will talk of the other type of machines called home/domestic sewing machines. I think I will be of much help trying to help you make a sound decision.

Industrial Sewing Machines

As the name suggests, this machines are meant for use in a factory. Some of these machines are designed specifically for making cuffs on shirts while others are designed just to insert waistbands in jeans. The designs of these machines allow them to do professional work for a long time. They are made from highly durable motors and parts. Their gears, body and connecting rods are of a high quality metal; cast iron Aluminum.

These machines are built specifically to do long term and professional tasks. Their constructions are made up of highly durable parts and motors. The gears, housing, connecting rods and body of the industrial sewing machines are made up of high-quality metals like cast iron Aluminum.

These machines have a larger size as compared to sewing machines made for domestic use. Industrial sewing machines can do a lot of work for a very short period. The industrial machines therefore are much costly than domestic sewing machines.

Industrial sewing machines are more generic. Their motors work on a machine of any brand. The straight stich machine and the over-locker are all the same. Their bobbins are also interchangeable. They usually have motors of two types.

  • Servo motor- utilize less power and they are silent when they are not in operation.
  • Clutch motor- this type keeps spinning even when it is not working.

There are four types of industrial sewing machines that vary in design, arm and the needle post. The four types are:

  • Flat Bed
  • Post Bed
  • Cylinder Bed
  • Off the arm
  • Flat Bed

The design of the Flat Bed machine resembles to that of the traditional sewing machines. The needle and the arm extend to the base of the machine just like traditional sewing machines. It is used to sew flat pieces of fabric together.

  • Cylinder Bed

This contrasts the flatbed. They consist of a narrow horizontal column. The fabric sewn by the cylinder bed machine passes around and under the column. It sews cylindrical parts like the cuffs. It is also used in sewing shoes and saddles.

  • Post Bed

In this machine, a vertical column rises above the machine’s flat bed. The vertical columns have bobbins and feed dogs. They are used to attach emblems, make gloves, and boots.

  • Of-the-arm

These are so rare. It is for seaming sleeves and shoulders.

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