Types of Amplifiers

One of the most common audio devices in a car or home theater is an amplifier. You can use this equipment to customize the quality of sound you want. It is indispensable to invest in a good quality audio amplifier. With advancements in technology new types of amplifiers have been invented and improvements made on the traditional ones. This article will help you in picking between JL and Rockford Fosgate 5 channel amps.


Preamplifiers are used to receive weak signals from different inputs and convert them into strong output signals that can be processed by an amplifier and speakers. You should also note that these types of amplifiers are the ones that reduce the noise that is detected in most signals. That’s not all, they also provide the signals with strength to prevent sound distortion.

Integrated amplifiers

Integrated amplifiers comprise of a preamplifier and the typical amplifier put together in a single unit. This combination makes it very convenient to use this type of amplifier because it has several inputs for different devices. You will find that most modern amplifiers are created with this design.

Vacuum tube amplifiers

This type of amplifier uses vacuum tubes to raise the signal power. You cannot connect a vacuum amplifier to a loud speaker because it requires another output transformer to match its power to that of a speaker. This amplifier is good for use with high voltage circuits. You should note that these amplifiers have softer clipping even when the circuit is overloaded. You will mostly find this type of amplifier on satellite transponder, musical instruments and other high power transmitters.

Car amplifiers

Car amplifiers are used to amplify the sound produced by car stereo systems. You are assured of clean power to drive your car speakers when using these amplifiers. It is also vital to note that, a car amplifier will intensify the signals transmitted to the speakers by the car stereo, repulsing the outputs with a self-sustaining source of power.

Guitar amplifiers

You will find this type of amplifier installed in guitars to amplify the sound signals from pickups so that they can be transmitted through loudspeakers. This type of amplifier can either be a metal cabinet that only has the power and preamplifiers circuits which require external speakers or it can be a “combo” amplifier that has the amplifier system and speaker in a single unit. These guitar amplifiers vary in prices and their quality.

Power amplifiers

The main function of these amplifiers is to strengthen signals from devices so that they can be transmitted through headphones and speakers. This results to wide ranges between input signals and output signals. Power amplifiers include both the guitar amplifiers and home audio amplifiers. Power amplifiers are applied in PA systems, concert sound systems and other environments requiring very loud sounds. Machines with this kind of amplifier are normally quite expensive.

It is also important to carry out a thorough research on the different stores where you can get authentic amplifiers before setting out to buy one. You should avoid making a purchase under of the influence of a sales person because their main aim is to do more sales regardless of the quality of an amplifier.

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