Top Surprising Things You Can Do with Induction Rice Cooker

Did you know that induction rice cookers can do more than cooking rice? Despite the name, the rice cooker is not just designed to cook your rice, but they are also designed to cook other food that will surely surprise you.

If you check the principle of cooking rice in rice cooker, it uses slow cooking technique; where it uses the moist heat to cook food over a period of time. Plus, it traps the flavors within the pot, which is designed almost similar to slow cooker. In fact, the modern induction rice cookers today are now designed with several features that will allow you to steam vegetables in a rice cooker even without a basket – this shows you how.

Here are a few top surprising things you can do with induction rice cooker:

1. Fluffy Japanese Cheesecake or any cake

Thanks to Japanese cooking innovations, you can now bake a cake without using an oven. All you need is the right Japanese fluffy cake recipe and pour it into the rice cooker. Since most of the induction cookers are designed with several features, you can now choose between slow cooking or the usual rice cooking process.

2. Frittatas

One of the common breakfast foods that you can use induction rice cooker is cooking the frittatas; just whisk some eggs, add veggies, and season it with salt and pepper. Then, you may now cook the egg mixture on regular rice cooker settings.

3. Steamed meats

Aside from steaming veggies, the induction rice cooker can work on steaming meats too. Plus, the best part is steaming meat with ingredients in a rice cooker is the flavor. Since the rice cooker traps the flavor inside the cooking pot, you’ll have a pot of dish full of flavors in it; however, to make it effective, you have to have a steamer basket, but if you don’t, you can always use the trick when you are steaming veggies with a basket.

4. Cooking a pork roast

Who knew that you can cook a pork roast too?

The induction rice cooker is powerful enough to bring you a flavorful pork roast; all you need to do is place the pork roast into the rice cooker, together with onions, soy sauce, curry powder, lemon juice, chili sauce, garlic, and other spices. Let the rice cooker do its work for an hour, then leave it on the warm setting for another hour.

5. Cook your soup

Most of the induction cookers are versatile enough to allow you to cook your own soup; all you need is to place all your ingredients inside the pot and add enough water for your soup. Again, the best part of cooking your soup on rice cooker is the flavor sipped into the soup. However, when cooking soup, you need patience; even though there are no rules in cooking soup in a rice cooker, you have to make sure that all meat and vegetables are well-cooked. Thus, enough time is needed.

Final Thoughts

Induction rice cookers are versatile; all you need to do is to explore the use of the rice cooker, other than just cooking rice.

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