Top Brands of Large Capacity French Press Coffee Maker this 2020

While many enjoy their coffee creamy, milky, and sweet, some people still prefer the classic French press coffee. A cup of delicious French press coffee is a natural energy booster. Moreover, the rich aroma of this beverage helps calm the mind.

You will need a functional French press coffee maker to prepare a delicious French press coffee. A high-quality French Press coffee maker features a sturdy build, advanced filter system, and has a long lifespan. Aside from these aspects, the capacity of a coffee maker also counts.

If you are an enthusiast of this beverage, it advisable to get a large coffee maker rather than purchasing one that only makes a cup or two of French press coffee. Likewise, a large French Press coffee maker is the best option if you have guests often.

If a large capacity French Press coffee maker is what you require, check out this detailed French press coffee maker reviews to find out the perfect one for you.


The Café Du Chateau is one of the best-seller French Presses of 2020. The brand is well-known for its visually appealing coffee makers. Likewise, Café Du Chateau prides itself on having the most durable and long-lasting French Presses.

This French Press coffee maker has a capacity of 34 ounces. Hence, you can make a total of four cups of French press coffee every brew with this tool, thereby making it the top option for family use.

Café Du Chateau guarantees a great performance from the item. It features a four-level filtration system to ensure the coffee on your cup is smooth, rich, and delicious. Moreover, it prevents fine coffee bits and sediments from passing through the coffee maker.

The Café Du Chateau French press is a sight to behold. The visual appeal of the machine is impressive. It looks stunning just by sitting on your kitchen counter.


Secura French Press coffee is suitable for a family who loves French press coffee. It is also a perfect choice for business use. The French press coffee maker is available in various sizes, including 17oz, 34oz, and 50oz.

The coffee maker came from top quality 18/10 stainless steel. The robust construction of the machine makes it ideal for everyday use. Furthermore, it has a long lifespan, which makes it a wise investment.

Secura has safety features. It has a cool-touch handle and a knob on the lid so you can touch these parts safely.

Most French presses have a built-in filtration system, but not Secura. This coffee maker has an option to stack one, two, or three layers of filter. This feature allows you to control the natural coffee oils in your coffee. If you prefer your coffee dark and rich in taste, all you have to do is remove the extra layers of filter. Meanwhile, add the filter layers to make the coffee fine and smooth.

Additional Advice

Indeed, these brands of French presses are the best choice when you prepare coffee for three or more people. If you are solo-dweller, there’s no need for you to buy such coffee makers. Look for other alternatives here at Kitchen Perk Ups. This source can help you find the best-quality single-serve French presses.

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