Tips on How to Use Facial Brush Correctly

Facial cleansing brushes are not particularly new. This skincare tool has been around in the market for many years.  And it has become a staple in the skincare industry.

The popularity of this skincare tool keeps on rising. Many online sources and well-known social media stars highly recommend the use of a facial cleansing brush. The increased exposure of this tool in social media is perhaps one of the factors why many use this brush.

Many people who claim to have used the brush said that it supports overall skin health. It effectively removes dirt, dead skin cells, and excessive oil on the skin surface, thereby only leaving smooth, soft, and radiant skin.

Beyond Brushing

A facial cleansing brush is a type of skincare handheld device that works using a battery-operated motor. The motor allows the device to move in either a repetitive circular or back and forth motion. Likewise, this device comes with brushes that vibrate. It is how facial brushes remove dirt and other debris stuck on the skin surface and clogs the pores.

What you need to understand is that facial cleansing brushes are exfoliating devices. According to dermatologists exfoliating is beneficial to the skin. However, it must be done moderately. Dermatologists suggest exfoliating once or twice a week, not on a daily basis.

Using a facial brush is not harmful to skin, in fact, it offers many advantages. It stimulates blood circulation on the skin, reduces wrinkles, and promotes softer and healthier skin. Facial brush only becomes a hazard when used excessively. Using the device daily will remove both skin impurities and essential oil. Likewise, it can damage the new skin.

These are the reasons why dermatologists and skincare experts remind new users of a facial brush to learn how to use it correctly.

How to Use Facial Brush

#1 Brush Your Face with Cleanser

Do not use a facial brush on the skin without a cleanser. It is harsh on the skin and might cause scratches. Always use a cleanser together with this device. Also, make sure the cleanser you pick is suitable for your type of skin. You can ask help from reliable sources like this one, to help you find the best cleansers for a different type of skin.

#2 Use Facial Brush Twice a Week

As you have read from above, too much use of a facial brush is harmful to the skin. Exfoliating your skin with this device twice a week is enough.

#3 Don’t Use Exfoliant Scrub Along with the Device

Never use an exfoliant scrub or chemical together with a facial brush. Remember that this device is also a tool for exfoliating. Therefore, using both is too much for the skin. If you are using exfoliant scrub, do not use it with the device, and vice versa.

#4 Clean the Facial Brush

One error that many beginners commit when using a facial brush is forgetting to clean the device. It is important to keep the brush clean and sanitized. Cleaning the brush will remove the dirt it accumulated from your skin.

More Advice

Using a facial brush is only one of the skincare routines you must follow. If you want to learn more about how to take care of your skin, check out this source for additional guidelines.

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