Tips and Advice: How to Install LED Headlights

Installing the headlight bulb to LED is not an easy task; problems may arise if the LED headlights are not properly installed. 

LED headlights are better – it is energy efficient, longer lifespan produces a brighter light and more. However, converting your current headlight bulb to LED is not an easy task; changing the headlights on your own could either end up having a good result or obvious headlight issues.

So, how to install or convert the headlight bulbs with LED headlights?

# 1: Choose the right kit

Before installation, you should choose the right LED headlight model. Check which type of LED headlight kit is compatible with your car’s model. Although most of the headlight kits comprise the standard fittings, not all are universal to use. So, make sure to check the compatibility of the kit with your car’s model to avoid spending on the wrong LED headlights.

#2: Properly install the headlights

If you try to know the reasons why a car’s headlight would glow even if it were switched off you’ll be surprised to know that it is caused by improper LED headlights installation. Although it does not consume energy, it is quite annoying for car owners. Plus, it could attract attention to car breakers. So, here is how you should properly install the headlights:

  • Remove the lens cover first; the headlight is underneath a lens cover.
  • Detach the older headlights by unplugging them first from under the hood. Also, make sure to turn off the engine first.
  • Using a screwdriver, detach the connector to unplug the headlights by twisting the connector counterclockwise or as per the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Install the LED headlights, clockwise into the headlight socket.
  • Turn on the headlights and check the positioning of the light. Position the low-beam lights facing up, while the high-beam lights should be facing down; this will give you an optimal range of illumination.
  • Secure the ballast properly.
  • Make sure not to attach the fan wire over the bulb’s wire.
  • Test the lighting before attaching the casing back. Check the headlight’s range of illumination. If it requires to be fixed you need to fix it immediately. If the lighting does not seem right or as you have expected, you may hire a professional to fix the headlights for you.
  • Secure back all the cables and the lids.

If in case of installation problems arose after a few days of installation, you should check the position of the headlights and see if it were displaced due to vibration. Again, if you are unable to fix the headlight problem, try to hire a professional.

Final Thoughts

Installing or converting your old bulb headlights with LEDs is a challenging task for most new car owners. However, if you try to read reliable posts like this or watch reliable online instructions, installing new LED headlights won’t give you headaches. All you need to do is purchase the right LED headlight model compatible with your car and carefully install the headlight according to the professional’s instructions.

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