Review of the Leonardo Dive Computer from Cressi


The Leonardo dive computer is not the only product from Cressi, but this article is about the Leonardo dive computer from Cressi. Cressi is known to produce high-end products which meet customer needs and the Leonardo dive has not been left out. I will reveal some stunning features about it which will help you to discover that it’s what you have always desired to have.

Who is it meant for?

Cressi knows that there is always s first time in doing everything, for instance, nobody was born a diver. The fact that you are reading this line is enough reason to believe that you are a diver, what I can’t tell is whether or not this would be your first time diving. Regardless of your involvement level, the Leonardo dive is meant for first time divers, but if you are a seasoned diver, you’re not closed out, you might need back up or simple to operate dive computer. It’s important to take note that for seasoned divers may find it to lack some advanced features but still capable to handle recreational diving activities, but for an entry-level diver, he or she will find it amazing. I don’t know for what reason you’ll buy this product, all I know is that it is worth your dollars.

Things users love about it

There are many good things I can talk of, but let me just mention what clients have said. Its single button interface is one of the things they like because it makes it easy to program and read. In fact, the operation is done by just pressing and holding the button. This button is large hence easy to operate even with gloves. It’s so simple to operate that you can easily grasp its operation without a manual, nonetheless, it comes with a comprehensive manual. I came across a comment from a client who really appreciates the fact that he can download dives into his PC or Mac and get more dive profile details and add more information to the log. Another one was excited that it works well with Nitrox, I don’t know what you like most about the Leonardo dive computer from Cressi.

Things users hate about it

It lacks advanced features which seasoned divers would require, but as mentioned, they can use it as back up or when they require a simple to operate dive computer. Also, the single button operation lacks the back-step feature which means that if you forget and skip a menu option, you will have to go through all prior steps to get to where you are.


I don’t know whether you have ever tried other types or brands of dive computers, but for me, I have used several of them, but when I got the Leonardo dive computer from Cressi, my interests were met. So far, the Leonardo dive computer from Cressi is the best option for 2019. Having been convinced by my experience and research, you can check for its price on Amazon.

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