Quality Tile Floor Vacuum Cleaners

People have come a long way in terms of improving the lives of everyone with the use of technology. Using broomsticks and mops are the most conventional way of keeping the floor clean, but they are not the easiest and most fun way to clean the floor. Today, keeping the floor free from dust and dirt has become easier with the use of vacuum cleaners. Check out these quality vacuums for tile floors :

Dyson V8 Absolute Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

Dyson has a good name when it comes to vacuum cleaners. With the Dyson V8, it is easy to clean off dirty hard floors and carpets.


  • The vacuum cleaner can function over 40 minutes before going for another charge.
  • The best part is, the Dyson V8 is completely cordless, so there’s no need to worry about wires getting in the way, or risk tripping off.


  • It requires a certain amount of down time to recharge.
  • It costs more compared to other vacuum cleaners, it makes up for quality and reliability.

Bissel 1132A Symphony All-in-One Vacuum

Floors sometimes are not just covered with dust and debris; sometimes there are dirt smudges that cannot be cleaned by sweeping alone. It needs to be mopped to remove it. Would it not be nice to have a vacuum cleaner that not sucks in dirt and debris, but also makes it easier to remove smudges, and sanitizes the floor? The Bissel 1132A does all that.


  • Can vacuum and steam simultaneously
  • It has microfiber mop pads which are easy to wash and clean
  • Has digital controls that make it easy to switch to different functions


  • It is tiring for some to hold down on the handle and steam level to steam

Eureka 95A 2-in-1 Stick and Hand Vacuum

The Eureka 95A vacuum cleaner offers some quality cleaning work for its price. It is versatile, which is good for different cleaning scenarios


  • Can be used as an ordinary vacuum, or removed to be used as a handheld vacuum cleaner.
  • Fairly priced
  • Cordless vacuum cleaner


  • Not as powerful as full-sized vacuum cleaners, but still works efficiently.

Bissel Power Edge 

The Bissel Power Edge is designed specifically for hard floors, which makes it really good in cleaning floor tiles.


  • It has wipers with rubber that attract hair, which makes it a great vacuum cleaner for people with pets.
  • It has a bagless vacuum
  • Lightweight
  • Has a swivel head that reaches tight areas and furniture


  • Some users report that the vacuum cleaner is too loud

Prolux Tritan Canister

Prolux Tritan Canister packs a lot of power for solid hard floor and tile cleaning. The Prolux Tritan Canister is compact and lightweight which makes it easy to store.


  • It has an adjustable power knob that can be used to control the power down for delicate cleaning, or turned up for some serious vacuuming.
  • It has a 3 stage filtration, which means it can prevent allergies.
  • It has a powerful 12 amp motor
  • Has a compact design
  • Very lightweight

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