Parental Controls: Tips on How to Quickly Set Up the Software on Windows 10

Setting up parental control software is one of the best ways to keep your child safe when they use the internet; the software would allow you these following controls:

  • Restriction to access unnecessary applications for their age.
  • Restriction to access a website that may contain violence, inappropriate language, porn, and more.
  • Controlling the time they spend on the computer or the internet.
  • Remotely accessing your child’s movement on the internet both in real-time and history.
  • Remotely blocking unnecessary sites in real-time that your child may have found access to.
  • Receiving reports on web browsing history, as well as, reports on the mobile application.

There are more reasons why every parent should consider installing parental controls software; but in general, the software is intended to keep your child from accessing the bad side of social media, the internet, and the technology itself.

If you are planning to install parental control software on Windows 10, but do not know how, here are some useful tips on how to quickly set up the software on Windows 10, which you may also  learn this here now.

#1: Start with setting up the Windows parental controls account for your child

The very first thing you need to do is to enable the Windows 10 parental controls; to do that is to add your child’s account into your account.

  • First, go to the Windows settings menu and then select the Accounts.
  • At the left pane, choose Family and Other Users.
  • Add a Family Member; if in case your child does not have a separate account on the device, there’s another option. There will be a pop-up message that prompts “Add a Child”. Then, choose “The person I want to add does not have an email address”. This will redirect you to create an account for the person. However, if the person has an email address, you may skip this.

#2: Manage the parental control settings

If you are done creating an account for your child, you may now start changing, enabling, and disabling applications and more.

Make sure to read every possible detail and do not leave a page without rechecking after changing the defaults when setting up the parental controls. Here are the things you need to update:

  • The screen time
  • The content restrictions
  • Necessary blocking of applications and games, as well as, unnecessary websites.
  • If you need to expand the control, choose the activity tab to turn on the activity reporting and email notifications; you will be provided with weekly reports on your child’s activity on the internet.

There are other types of parental controls software that offers more parental control features. If you need additional details on this, try to visit App Soft Hub’s website today.

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Parental controls are a big help to parents who want to keep their children safe from the bad side of the internet, which may include cyberbullying, cybercrimes, pornography, and more. So, if you have time today, check some great parental control software or programs and try to reconsider it. Do not waste time, set up parental controls on your child’s devices as soon as possible.

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