Make Your Home Healthier and Safer for Your Baby

DSLR picture of a baby boy holding the stair gate.

DSLR picture of a baby boy holding the stair gate.

Every day, kids get injured, hurt and even exposed to various toxins in their own homes. Parents or guardians fail to consider some factors that would prevent the children from being rushed to the hospital. Here are a few of the most important things you need to do in order to keep your kid mentally and physically healthy and safe.


1. Falls and slips


This is one of the most common causes of kids’ injuries. There are some adjustments you need to do in your house to make sure that your children would not be harmed. Always close windows and doors. It would be best to lock the windows or install some devices to prevent the window from opening too wide. Install gates and safety guards on stairways and doors leading to the balcony. Place anti-slip mats over the tile floor, especially in the bathroom and the kitchen. Keep the floor dry all the time. Wipe off spills and drips on the floor as soon as possible. Leave some lights on in the hallway and staircases to make it easier for your kid to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night.


2. Burns


It is unavoidable to light up the stove, oven, fireplace and even candles at home. Just be careful and follow the tips below to keep your kid from burning or scalding himself. Do not let a kid in the kitchen as much as possible. There are just too many things that could burn or scald a child in that room. Pour hot water, coffee or tea away from the child. The kid could accidentally grab the cup or thermos. Also, keep cups and mugs with hot beverage away from their reach. The hot water from the faucet should also be monitored. If it is possible, lower the temperature so even if the child turns on the tap, the water would not be hot enough to scald him or her. Put a protective gate at the fireplace. The gate should also be heat-proof.


3. Noise


One of the main causes of a child’s stress is the inability for them to sleep peacefully because of the noise from outside. You should soundproof the child’s room, especially if they’re still infants. You can go to to get some tips on how to soundproof a baby’s room.


4. Fire


Fire accidents can also happen when kids are around. Keep matches or lighters away from the reach of children.


Do not leave burning candles in a room where the child is, unsupervised. Have smoke detectors installed in every room of the house.


5. Poisoning


A kid’s curiosity would let them put things in their mouth. Keep different medications in a high medicine cabinet and put a lock on it. Store chemicals, solutions, and other cleaning liquids in cabinets that are also locked or high enough for the kid not to reach them. You can also try keeping them in a locked storeroom. Some poisoning could also be caused by stale food or dirty food that has not been removed from the floor. You should make sure to clean all corners and get rid of food particles that the kid might be able to pick up and put on his or her mouth.


6. Allergies


Some kids have sensitive skin and respiration. A lot of things can irritate them easily and would trigger their allergies. If possible, avoid keeping furry animals in the house unless you are sure that your child is not allergic to any of them. Have a quality air filter installed in your house to make sure that the air your kid is breathing is fresh and clean.

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