Lawn Mower Storage Tips You Need to Know

Correct storage supports lawn more longevity. It also keeps the machine in the best condition. Learn the proper way to store your lawnmower for a long time.

Proper maintenance is essential in keeping your lawnmower in the best shape. You can find many sources such as Tech and Machine teaching beginners and reminding experts the correct ways of lawn mower maintenance. While maintenance knowledge is essential, you also need to know the correct lawn mower storage.

Some tend to skip proper lawn mower storage. Others thought that keeping the equipment in the basement is enough, whereas some leave the mower out in the snow hoping for the best. Take note that correct lawn mower storage is as crucial as lawn mower maintenance. It could affect the performance and longevity of the machine.

To start with, here are the correct and proper ways of lawn mower storage.

#1 Remove the Dirt, Clippings, and Debris

Before keeping the mower in storage, make sure to clean the machine. Remove the leaves, stones, dust, debris, and dirt stuck on its underside, as well as on the blades. Not cleaning the blades can cause its dullness. Moreover, more dust will build upon the machine while in storage, causing the dirt to harden. If the dirt hardens, it’ll be hard to clean the machine and likewise causes rusting.

#2 Empty the Gas Tank

Fuel becomes contaminated over time. Also, the air mixes with gasoline which results in a higher concentration of air. When it happens, it will be challenging to start up the mower. It could also stall or die while mowing. Additionally, contaminated fuel decreases the lifespan of lawnmowers.

Drain the gas tank before storage to keep the engine in the best condition. Experts suggest using a storage fuel stabilizer. It is a specialized storage-grade fuel that remains fresh even up to two years of unused and without draining.

#3 Remove the Blades

Most people don’t bother to remove the blades during storage, which is an incorrect way of handling a lawnmower.

Removing the blades off from the mower helps lengthen the equipment’s life. So, before you store your lawn mower you need to remove the blades. And then, you need to clean them. Also, do not forget to sharpen them once in a while. You can spray paint on the blades to remember which way to reinstall.

#4 Disconnect the Spark Plugs

If you need to store the lawnmower for a year or more, disconnect the spark plugs before doing so. Not disconnecting the spark plug might cause an accident. You could accidentally start the equipment, which can cause serious injuries.

When you disconnected the spark plugs, clean them before storage. Also, consult the owner’s manual to learn how to remove and reinstall the spark plugs. You can also look for details on reliable sources to know how to clean spark plugs.

#5 Take Out the Battery

Remove the machine’s battery. The batteries drain even when the mower is not switched on. Tuck away the battery in a cool and dry place to keep it in good condition.

#6 Drain Oil

Drain the machine’s oil, especially when it is already dirty. Contaminated oil no longer has used, particularly for a 4-cycle engine lawnmower. Also, bad oil reduces the lifespan of the machine and causes it to malfunction.

To drain or change oil, you can look for details in the owner’s manual.

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