Key Smart versus Keybar: Which is Better?

Key organizers are interestingly useful, where you can easily and conveniently locate the right key within a sea of multiple keys; this is why purchasing one is worth it.

Key Smart and Keybar are two popular brands of key organizers and choosing one between the two brands is confusing. So, to get this straightened out, it is time to have a side-by-side comparison.

Key Smart

Key Smart is one of the best key organizers out there. It is built with several nice features without paying extra for it. The key organizer is designed with a hard shell and a compartment for your keys, multi-tools, and more. Also, it has a ring outside where you can attach the FOB and other keys that won’t fit inside the key organizer.

Also, the Key Smart is an easy-grip key organizer that can be customized with useful multi-tool accessories such as a screwdriver, pocket knives, and Nano scissors. Here are a few more of its features to like:

  • It can accommodate up to 8 flat standard-sized house keys and can be expanded up to 14 keys.
  • Made from premium grade materials – aircraft aluminum and stainless steel – guarantees durability. Also, the key organizer is lightweight to carry.
  • Easy to assemble; it does not require tools to set up the keys and the multi-tools.
  • You can attach your old keys to the organizer.


Another popular key organizer is the Keybar. The key organizer can hold up to 20 keys, where you can place a couple of standard-sized keys, multi-tool, and more. The Keybar is patented USA-made and is produced from high-quality materials such as aluminum, titanium, and or carbon fiber, guaranteeing that the Keybar key organizer is a durable product.

There are a lot of options of Keybar key organizers that you can choose from and if you are planning to purchase one, here are a few of its interesting features:

  • Ergonomically designed and easy to use.
  • Keybar is portable and easy to carry.
  • Can accommodate smaller types of keys, as well as, uniquely-sized keys.
  • Comes with a fob that can help you hold large-sized keys that won’t fit inside the key organizer.

Final Verdict

Both Key Smart and Keybar are very useful; both have special points that cannot be ignored. However, if you are still undecided about which key organizer is the best, it is time to closely compare the organizers, which is also detailed at

#1 The Aesthetics

Both Key Smart and Keybar are well designed and both are bulky. However, if you would compare the two key organizers, Key Smart leads in this game.

#2 The Capacity

Both Key Smart and Key bar can accommodate more than 10 standard-sized keys; however, when it comes to the capacity, Keybar is better since it is designed to accommodate up to 20 keys.

#3 The Materials

Even though both Key Smart and Keybar are light in weight, the two key organizers are made from high-quality materials, which guarantee you durability. So, this time it’s a draw.

So, which key organizer should you use?

Both key organizers have their good points and bad points; so, whether you would choose Key Smart over Keybar and vice-versa, is still a good choice.

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