Hydroponics Versus Soil In Growing Cannabis Strains

If you are experienced Cannabis growers, maybe you are familiar with Hydroponics system that is being used as an option to grow your Cannabis strains at home. This is considered as one of the most effective growth strategies that are being popular and being used by many growers because of the great benefits that you can get. Compared to soil planting, there are many benefits that you can get in a hydroponics system.

In this article, debating hydroponics vs soil is the main issue that we will discuss here. Let us discover here the details as well as the benefits of growing the hydroponics system and soil cultivation for cannabis strains.

Comparison – Hydroponics plants have less suffering from the pests and parasites compared to the soil cultivation that is prone to pests, parasites, molds, fungus, and other diseases. Hydroponics can save water because of its recirculating nutrient reservoir while the soil needs continuous irrigation. In Hydroponics system you can harvest twice as fast compared to the soil cultivation. Also, in hydroponics, you can grow it anywhere and gives you the ability to control while in soil cultivation requires big space for you to garden but also good in the environment.

Growth Rate – Hydroponics system vigorously delivers nutrients to the plants directly to the roots and supplies oxygen through aerobic respiration. It can also get the exact humidity and temperature because it is inside the grow box. Mostly, Cannabis strains grown in hydroponics system can be harvested over eight weeks. In soil cultivation, you will need the proper irrigation, lighting, and ventilation and only little nutrients resources can be found in the soil. Usually, in soil cultivation, it will take 10 to 12 weeks to harvest the Cannabis strains. Thus, it is wiser to choose the hydroponics system compared to soil cultivation if you want to harvest faster.

Difficulty – Compared to the difficulty level, soil cultivation is found to be the easiest and quickest strategy to grow Cannabis strains. But, in soil cultivation, you will need a high level of gardening skills in order to make sure that you can harvest your Cannabis strains faster and healthier. Compared to the hydroponics system, it requires proper guidance and follows certain instructions on how to set up the hydroponics system. Today, there are many videos online where you can get the best resources and instructions on how to grow Cannabis strains hydroponically. If you want to have the best quality of marijuana plant, then this hydroponics system can provide best for you compared to the soil growing.

Yield – This is how it counted if you want to get many buds of cannabis strains from your harvest. In a hydroponics system, you can harvest an average of 1 gram of buds per Watt of lighting and 2 grams per Watt for a very good harvest. Compared to the soil cultivation, there are many conditions and factors that hinder the harvest that includes weeds, pests, and molds. Thus, in terms of great yield, hydroponics system wins!

Well, these are just comparisons and the decision will be yours. If you want to find more about the comparisons between the hydroponics system and soil cultivation in growing cannabis strains, visit themarijuanavape.com.

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