How to Solve the Air Conditioner Problems

The technology used in air conditioners is truly marvelous. These devices will provide you with the comfort you need when the temperatures are high during summer. You will realize that they are comprised of a complex system which if not taken care of will surely get damaged. However, even with the outmost care offered, an air conditioner just like any other electrical appliance is subject to wear and tear. You can either repair it yourself or seek for the services of a competent HVAC technician such as aircon servicing. Perhaps the best way to repair your air conditioner is by preventing breakdowns before they happen. Here are some of the problems that you are likely to encounter with your air conditioner.


Many people don’t look at the temperature on the thermostat when using the air conditioner. They panic when the house does not begin to cool immediately after starting the air conditioner. You should simply turn the thermostat down to the temperature you desire. The condenser will then begin to work and therefore the cooling cycle will start. If doing this doesn’t fix your problem, it advisable that you move on to the circuit breaker of the air conditioner.

Circuit Breaker

You should note that most of the central air conditioning systems usually consume a large amount of power, and this can trip the circuit breaker, thus preventing the system from operating effectively. You should go outside to the condenser unit and then locate the circuit breaker box that is next to it. Open the door of the box and take a look at the breaker. You should reset it if the circuit has been tripped. Now go to the circuit breaker of your home and ensure that none of the circuits has broken. After resetting all of your circuit breakers, you should return to your thermostat and turn on the cooling cycle of the air conditioner again. It could be time to call for professional help if this does not solve your problem. A broken motor or compressor can also stop your air conditioner from working effectively and will require to be serviced by a certified HVAC technician.

Evaporator Coil

You can clean your evaporator coil of your air conditioner so as to make sure it functions effectively.  This coil is usually located above the air handler and you can access it by removing the screws and the insulation tape that is on the foil. You should use a stiff brush and a mirror to clean the coil and tray. It is advisable that you replace the rusty screws and seal any leaks with a sufficient duct tape.

When you air conditioner does not produce enough cold air, or none at all, it could be a sign of a very serious problem. One such problem could be that it has a leak and is therefore low on refrigeration. If this is the case with your air conditioner, it advisable that you call a heating and cooling technician for help.

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