How to Keep Your Foosball Table in a Good Condition

A foosball table can cost quite a dime for the game enthusiasts. However, a good number of people buy these tables so that they can have a good time with their friends and family.  The fun of this game is irresistible so if you don’t have one you can check this Chicago foosball table review and start enjoying the game as well. Just remember that you need to maintain your table in good conditions so that you get a good value for your money for years and years.

1. Apply silicone on the rods

You only need a few drops of silicon to ensure that your rods work the best way in and around the bearing. Silicone is the best lubrication solution for foosball tables. It helps in preventing the rods from snickering. You should apply silicon on a monthly basis.

2. Use the right cleaner to clean the entire foosball table

A good number of foosball tables don’t have a cover so they are prone to getting dirt and dust. This doesn’t mean that they are okay when they are dirty, it means that they need to be cleaned regularly. You should use a specialized cleaner to clean the foosball table. There are many  brands in the market that are good for cleaning foosball tables.

3. Glue all loose parts.

You need to check frequently to see if there are any parts that are chipped or worn out. When  you come across any broken part, you should glue it immediately. Failure to observe this you risk making your foosball table becoming more damaged. Many commercial superglues are good in doing this job. However, you should avoid spilling the glue on the playing surface. Use your foosball tables in the indoors so that you can keep it safe from the elements that can make it more dirty and reduce its lifespan.

4. Realign

To maintain your foosball table in a good condition, you need to check your rods and meds regularly since they may need to be fixed and realigned regularly especially if you are a regular and rough player. If the men are not well aligned, then you will have a poor game with poor passing that will often   splinter and break during the game. So you need to take care of your men if you want to have the best quality game that you ever imagined you could have.

5. Use anti-slip grips

When moving your foosball table, ensure that you don’t drag it, you should always lift  it. Put anti-slip grips on the feet of the table just immediately after purchasing it. This helps keep the feet of your foosball table in a perfect condition and prevent it from unnecessary moving that will damage the table and the floor as well especially when you are playing a rough and wild game. You should also shun from keeping foods and drinks on the table as much as you can so that you have less debris damaging your table.

Also ensure that you keep your foosball table away from direct sunlight.

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