How StashBandz Differ From Other Running Belt Brands

It is such a nuisance to bring your stuff with you as you run or workout. Bringing a pouch attached to your hip can be annoying and it ruins your style. Moreover, it prevents you performing the best of your ability. For this reason, you need a running belt to store your items.


What is a Running Belt?

A running is far too different from your conventional travel pouch. Unlike travel belt pouches which are too bulky, a running belt fits perfectly on your hips and quite slim. With the right sizing, a running belt does not bounce and shift as you move. Though running belts are slimmer than regular belt bags, do not let its size fool you. It can fit a lot of items like your iPhone, wallet, ID’s, passport, keys and more. If you are searching for an efficient travel or running pouch, better choose a running belt.

Do not be surprised to see numerous brands of this product on the web. Hence, choosing one brand to buy can be a problem. For first-time buyers, one running belt brand that is highly recommended in the market is StashBandz.

The StashBandz

The StashBandz is quite popular among athletes, sports enthusiast and physically active individuals of both sexes. This particular brand received a high satisfaction rating from its customers since its release in the market. StashBandz is one of the most outstanding brands of running belts without no reason. Here are the features of this product that makes it unique from other running belt brands.

  1.    Suitable for Both Men and Women – StashBandz is a unisex running belt. It is available in seven different colors which you can choose from. Also, it comes in various sizes for both men and women. You just have to pick out the right size for it to fit perfectly on your hips.
  2.    Large Pockets– This product has four spacious pockets wherein each one measures 6 inches in height and 8 inches in width. Such measure can store every valuable item you plan to bring on your workout session. In addition, one pocket of this running belt is concealed with a zipper lock for extra security.
  3.    Multi-Purpose Belt– Some running belts are solely utilized for this purpose, however, StashBrandz is designed to offer various functions. It can be used as a waist pack, travel pouch, an insulin pump belt and as a heat or ice pack.
  4.    Antibacterial Feature– Running belts can encourage the growth of bacteria and spread it unto your skin. It is one of the reasons why some running belts feel itchy on your skin. The StashBandz is made of Spandex fabric which is soft, cool and comfortable to wear. It has an antibacterial feature to keep your running belt free from germs.

Do you want to learn more about StashBandz? If you do, check out this link,

The Outdoor Fitlab is a web portal that provides helpful buying guidelines to assist you in choosing the right running belt for your activities. You can check out their website to see product reviews of the top-seller running belt brands in the market this year.

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