How Long it Takes to Build Muscles and Lose Weight

Building muscles is never a fast procedure. It involves a gradual process that could take months up to a year. It all depends on the person’s body type, strength training, and meal plan. If you happen to follow the correct combination of workout and diet that is ideal for your body type, you will see noticeable changes in weeks or a month.

When does it Muscle Building Begin?

The process of bulking up and losing weight begins the time you pick up a dumbbell or perform workout activities. The challenge is continuing the process. At first, you will notice that your muscles get shaky when doing exercises. It is all because your muscles are still unfamiliar with the movement. Once you go on the next set, everything will go smoothly than before.

Strength training causes stress and damage to the body’s muscle fibers. These damages jumpstart the building of new muscles that is stronger, bulkier, and leaner.

How to Train Muscles

There is a specific guideline on how to build muscles correctly. You can’t simply pick a dumbbell or do a heavy workout. Here is a simple guide on how you should train your muscles and the appropriate timeline to assure success.

1. Train One Muscle Group Twice Every Week

You have to focus on a certain muscle group to maximize its growth. Expert says, working out one muscle group at a time will enhance its growth and development. If you don’t focus on one muscle group, it won’t spur growth and it will take much longer for you to develop new muscles.

Give at least two to three times per week of training without working similar muscle groups for a maximum of two consecutive days. Make sure that in every training, you have to feel the strain on the specific muscle area. Hence, you have to split your workout routine by focusing on one muscle group; while, “no workout days” are reserved for muscle healing and repair.

2. Pick the Right Exercises

There are specific training programs for building muscles. The best strength training for growing muscles that are highly recommended by the experts encompasses bodyweight exercises, resistance band movements, free weights, and workout involving stationary weight machines.

Take note that every strength exercises should consist of three to six sets with six to twelve reps.

3. Protein is a Must

Your body needs protein. It is vital to muscle development and recovery. You have to eat a gram of protein proportionate to your body weight.

You can gain more protein by eating the right food. Also, protein powders are a good choice. Experts recommend using protein powders for it is rich in other vitamins and minerals essential for muscle growth. You can learn the facts here now about protein powders at My Green Health Shop.


No doubt that building muscles are not an easy task. It is challenging and requires a lot of patience and determination. And also, you need the right combination of exercise and food to achieve the best results.

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