Golden Teachers Mushroom: Different Ways to Grow GT spores

Are thinking about growing Golden Teacher Magic Mushroom spores but do not know what method to use? Fortunately, this post got you covered.

What is Golden Teachers mushroom?

Golden Teacher magic mushroom (GT) is one of the best-known types of hallucinogenic mushrooms with light brown, yellowish, or golden caps.

The Golden Teacher shroom is not too potent but noticeably effective. GT’s effects usually would 2-3 hours depending on the preparation and the dose. Nonetheless, its effects are shorter than other strains of PsilocybeCubensis, to which the GT strain belongs. For this reason, GT is most favored by several psychonauts and cultivators. Moreover, the Golden Teacher mushroom is ideal for beginners who want to experience safe, very calm and relaxing tripping.

How do you grow Golden Teachers mushroom?

If you are interested in growing GT mushrooms, it is ideal to use all-in-one grow kits. Grow kits are easier to deal with, especially if you are a beginner; these kits contain everything you need to grow your magic shroom, including instructions.

On the other note, before considering growing your mushroom, make sure it is allowed in your state by law. Remember that magic mushrooms are hallucinogenic substances and under-controlled substances in several states and countries. So, make sure to check if it is legal to consume or cultivate magic shrooms in your area. Also, buy safe GT mushrooms here.

How to grow GT spores?

To grow GT mushrooms using spores, you need to choose the right kind of spores to grow. Since it won’t be easy, you need to understand the difference between the strains, species, and cultivars to ensure that you won’t get rigged by the vendors, especially unlicensed sellers or distributors.

Growing GT spores can be confusing compared to growing Golden Teacher shrooms using a kit. Nonetheless, here are the three ways to grow GT spores:

  • Paper Rubbing Golden Teacher Mushroom Spores

This method uses spore-printed paper to drop the spores into agar media. First, you need to fold and rub the GT spores together before dropping them on the agar plates.

Typically, this is not a good method as the population of shrooms usually grows in one area.

  • Scalpel And Streaking Golden Teacher Mushroom Spores

The scalpel used in this method is sterilized using burning flamed and cooled in nitrified agar. The sterilized scalpel will be covered with moisture, creating an adhesive layer for the GT shroom spores to attach.

Second, to collect plentiful mushroom spores you need to touch the spore print using the scalpel’s tip.

Then, streak the tip into an “S” pattern across the Petri dish’s surface. Wait for 5 – 15 days and the spores will germinate according to the pattern.

  • Golden Teacher Mushrooms Spores Syringe

This method uses spore syringes as mediums to grow spores. The syringe contains millions of shroom spores, floating inside a sterile solution.

To grow GT spores using a syringe, you need a spore syringe pack, containing a syringe needle, a special mushroom spore solution stored in a 20 ml syringe, and 4 Alco preps.

So, what’s next?

Fortunately, several sellers provide detailed instructions on how to grow mushroom spores using a spore syringe.

So, which method are you considering using?

If you are new to this, it is preferable to grow using a mushroom grow kit.

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