Features of a Reliable Sewing Machine Under $200

Are you looking for a reliable sewing machine that is exceptionally affordable, preferably under $200? There are a lot of options available in the market today; however, only a few can guarantee you a high-performing sewing machine at a reasonable price.

If you are looking for a quality-constructed sewing machine, some you can get for between $100 – $200, here are the top features of reliable sewing machines under $200 that you should take note when picking your first sewing machine.

1. Adjustable Speed Control

When choosing a sewing machine, you have to choose a model that is constructed with variable sewing speed or an adjustable speed control option, allowing you to sew at the right pace for a particular tailoring style.

Since adjustable speed control is a must-have feature, you should consider buying a computerized sewing machine – an electronic feature that allows you to adjust the speed, which may range from 50 to 1000 stitches per minute. Here are a few sewing machines that feature 750 to 850 stitches per minute and are reasonably affordable:

•    Brother CS6000i Sewing Machine
•    Singer 7258 Computerized Sewing Machine
•    Singer 3232 Portable Sewing Machine

If you want details on the aforementioned sewing machine models under $200, try to visit Sewing Machine Club – a reliable online site that provides reliable reviews on different sewing machines available in the market today.

2. A brightly lit sewing area

A sewing machine constructed with built-in light is very useful, especially when you needed it the most. So, if you could find an affordable sewing machine with this feature, try to consider buying it.

3. Varied stitching styles

If you are into quilting or embroidery, you need more than ten stitching styles. So, when choosing the best sewing machine that is ideal for beginners, you should consider buying a machine that is constructed with built-in stitches more than 30 – best are those that have over 60 styles of stitches.

The aforementioned sewing machines are constructed with more than 30 styles of stitches; so, try picking one of them.

4. Easy to maneuver

If you are going to choose a sewing machine under $200, try choosing a machine that is easy to maneuver; this includes:

•    Easy to load the bobbin system
•    Easy to thread with an automatic needle threader
•    Quilting is easy to do
•    Simple to use – one-touch-button option

To know if the sewing machine you are planning to buy is easy to use, try reading product reviews and posts like this or you could also try to watch product videos, specifically providing instructions on how to use the sewing machine you have in mind.

5. Generous warranty

Another essential factor that you should consider when buying a sewing machine under $200 is its warranty. Do not buy a sewing machine that will give you five to ten years of warranty – choose a sewing machine that offers a generous warranty – preferably, choose a machine with a 25-year limited warranty.

There are a lot of reliable sewing machines available in the market today; however, to ensure that you are getting a high-performing sewing machine, even under $200, read reliable product reviews and posts like this.

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