Best Buy Brands of Pencil Drawing Kits for Beginners

As a beginner, know that you’ll need art tools to practice your art. Take note that it is paramount to have the right pencil when sketching. There are different types of drawing tool wherein each one has a huge impact on the outcome of your sketch. For example, if you use charcoal pencils, you will get thicker, deeper, and richer strokes compared to standard wooden pencils making it the best option for expressionism.

Choosing a pencil drawing kit can be a tricky task for newbies. Remember that there is a myriad collection of these art tools in stores. Then, how can you identify which one is the best for beginner skills?

To make things easier for you, see the top-selling brands of drawing kits this year. Know that these are often considered the best available in the market. Thus, you can guarantee these are worth spending money.

iMustech 35-Piece Art Kit

The iMustech pencil drawing kit is one of the top choice for beginner artists. The 35-piece drawing supply is secured in a zipper case to ensure portability and convenience.

One of the many reasons why buyers love this brand is due to the durability of the items. The art materials won’t break, crack, and splinter despite daily use. You can ensure that these art supplies are long-lasting.

What is inside the canvas-made case are 35 art supplies composed of standard coloring pencils, outline pencils, a graphite pencil, three graphite sticks, and fourteen sketch pads. Also, there is a graphite rod, three blending stumps, and a pencil extender included in the package.

Lasten 35-Piece Art Supply Kit

Lasten Art Kit is also a 35-piece drawing kit that comes in a high-quality zipper case. All the art supply is secured in the bag to keep it organized and to ensure it won’t fall out when you’re traveling.

Inside the canvas bag are fourteen graphite pencils with different shades and other art essentials. One of its best benefits is the wide range of graphite pencil coloring. It allows you to pick the right shade for your drawing style. Moreover, you can create awesome highlights and shadows with this variety of graphite pencils.

This art set is durable enough and looks so professional. However, beware that the pencils splinters over time.

Tinpa Art Kit

This art set is a 33-piece drawing set. The art supplies came from premium materials to ensure quality and durability. The kit is organized and secured in a roll-up carrying case.

Tinpa differs than most art set because of their product. They include the basic supplies a beginner will need and also offer a wide selection of drawing materials such as carboniferous pencils, premium graphite pencils, graphite pens, and various types of erasers. You also even get three blending stumps, one single and a double sharpener, and a metal knife.

The Tinpa Art Kit is a good buy for all skill levels and ages. The only drawback of this product is the leather material on the case which has a tendency to peel off over time.

Which among the above options would you choose?

If you are still having a hard time selecting a drawing kit, then consult the Great on Draft Designs. This online source will point you to the best choice that suits your skills.

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