Amazing Facts About Your Skin

If you already know that your skin is the largest organ in your body give yourself a pat on the back. Actually, for an average human being the skin has an area of about 18.5 square feet. The health of your skin is therefore for very important. There are many myths that have been perpetuated about skin care and health. I can also confess that I had some beliefs that were not scientifically proven. This went on until the day I was doing some research and I came across Here I got to learn scientifically proven facts about the skin. Let’s now debunk the myths that have been to be wrong scientifically.

1. Myth: Sunscreen is only for sunny days.

Many people believe that sunscreen is supposed to be applied only when the sun is scorching hot. According to science, the sun emits ultra-violet radiations that reach the earth surface even when the sky is clear. It is therefore recommended that you apply sunscreen on a daily basis. If you are swimming or doing manual work that causes you to sweat a lot you should apply it every two hours.

2. Myth: Wearing makeup can be an alternative to applying sunscreen.

Sun protection factor (SPF) makeup has now flooded the cosmetic market. But do they always deliver the advertised benefits? Can sunscreen be replaced by makeup with SPF? A research conducted by the University of Miami cosmetic group concluded that for you to reach the SPF number that has been indicated that makeup you will have to repeatedly apply it 14 to 15 times. The results were same on all types of makeup- powder, liquid, and even foundation makeup. Before you wear your makeup apply sunscreen on your skin.

3. Myth: Acne is caused by not washing your face.

The internet has contributed majorly contributed to the widespread of this myth. Acne is brought about mainly by many factors but none is connected to how often you always wash your face. These factors include the presence of harmful bacteria, clogging of pores and inflammation of the skin and sebum. However, it is healthy to keep your skin clean by washing it regularly.

4. Myth: Natural skin care products are the best.

When shopping for cosmetics your friend must have once or twice recommended natural beauty product. Many people believe the ones with no preservatives have more positive effects on your skin. Up-to-date there is no scientific research that has concluded that the preservatives in skin products cause skin damage. To the contrary, the absence of preservatives in beauty product makes them prone to attack by fungi. If you have a preference for natural beauty products always check out for the expiry date if you don’t want to end up with a moldy beauty product on your face.

5. Myth: Wearing makeup will cause you to age faster.

Some people believe that wearing makeup can speed up the aging process. While this has not yet been proven scientifically if you do not clean out all the makeup daily, you might get some long-term effects. The makeup school emphasizes on daily cleansing routine both before and after bed so as to get rid of toxins and oil that may have accumulated on your skin.

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