A review of things that might prove to be a limitation to career progression

career-progressionCareer progression is an upward advancement of people in their respective work environment. Naturally each person has a detailed blueprint in the form of an action plan that is supposed to catapult them to the top of the pyramid in their respective careers. However, this is normally not the case because we all have weaknesses that might derail our progress in our respective career paths.

Here are some of the habitual behaviors that should be avoided by those who plan on increasing their chances of advancement in their respective career paths.

Communication is one of the most crucial skill that is a prerequisite for career advancement in almost all careers. It is basically the ability to effectively convey ones feelings, desires and thoughts to our peers, colleagues, customers and superiors in our places of work as well as our normal life.

People who have limited skills in communication have a very minimal chance for retention and promotion especially in highly competitive positions. It is particularly hard for those who are employed in the highly competitive sales and marketing careers like pharmacy outlets and pharmaceutical manufactures since good communication skills are required whether it’s talking to prospective customers or communicating feedback to your superiors

Having goals and expectations is a driving force to our career paths, however unrealistic expectations towards our goals can sometimes hinder progress in our career. Rigid expectations and beliefs regarding your expected promotion timeline may set you up for a lot of disappointments and may also end up locking you off from other opportunities and options.

Such kind of pressure can also lead to a lot of stress and ultimately to burnout which is a big barrier to progression in our career. Burnt out professionals ends up being less productive, depressed, cynical and exhausted

On the other hand people who end up being overly comfortable in one position may end up hindering their chances of advancement in their career. Staying in one position for too long may end up pushing you into a comfort zone which will result in lackluster performance. People who have a desire for career advancement are proactive in seeking for available opportunities.

In order to achieve success in ones career, you should always ensure that you are one pace in front of the others, one way of doing this is by anticipating the needs of the employer and trying to offer assistance whenever possible.

Lack of belief in ones abilities is an unfortunate limitation to the advancement of many peoples career. Confident people are assertive and are therefore able to stand their ground when required to articulate their skills, goals and achievements. People who display timidity are in many cases by passed for those that have the right attitude.

Service industries like fashion and cosmetology require people who are very confident in their abilities since they are the foremost representatives of their institutions to the clients. Therefore being able to display the skills and expertise that make you a great professional in a confident way is a make or break personality trait in any career.

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