5 Types of Digital Marketing Strategies and How they Work

What are the common types of digital marketing strategies you can use? Learn more about them right here and how they could help your business grow.

Most businesses today, both new and well-established global brands, primarily utilize digital marketing to boost brand visibility. Many consumers spend their time online looking for products and services to buy. Although a fraction of these consumers do not purchase online, they still use the internet to search for shops, restaurants, and other commercial establishments to visit.

Getting to Know Digital Marketing

The rationale behind digital marketing is to promote brands and connect with target consumers using digital technology, such as mobile phones, computers, or the Internet of Things (IoT). These promotional materials could be advertisements through emails, multimedia messages, social media, and web-based advertising. Inasmuch, digital marketing allows entrepreneurs to take advantage of digital communication to achieve business growth and success.

The Digital Marketing Platform

The principle of digital marketing is to allow modern businesses to optimize technology at its full capacity to promote growth and cater to the needs of consumers. This can be achieved with the help of various digital platforms that enables extensive functions such as APIs, integrations, and collaboration with software and data sources.

A digital marketing platform is any source that supports businesses to market their brand through the cloud. Examples of these marketing platforms are social media sites, websites, and emails.

Types of Digital Marketing Strategies

Digital marketing is the umbrella term for various marketing strategies that fall under this category. You can learn more here about the different types of digital marketing strategies and their uses.

#1 Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is perhaps the most popular digital marketing strategy. It is due to the high reliance of many consumers on social networking sites like Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, and many more. Most consumers utilize this platform to learn information about a brand, find its location, and interact with them.

Social media platforms are the best medium for businesses to stay connected with their target consumers and establish trust.

#2 SEO marketing

Search engine optimization is similar to content marketing and goes hand in hand with the latter. However, SEO practically focuses more on increasing a website’s internet visibility and search result ranking on search engines through web traffic.

SEO works through using high-quality content, including blog posts, images, infographic posts, and videos. SEO keywords likewise partake an essential role in this marketing strategy.

#3 Content Marketing

In content marketing, brands take advantage of promoting their product by answering a visitor’s question. Marketing teams create content based on these questions to increase brand awareness and customer conversion rate.

#4 Pay-per-Click Marketing

It is a form of paid advertising that allows a brand to purchase traffic. A brand may place ads on search engines and websites. The brand shall pay for each click on the ad. PPC typically appears on the top search results when a person searches for specific keywords.

#5 Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing requires an outside person who shall promote the product on an affiliate platform. Affiliate marketers offer their services by commission from each sale. This type of marketing strategy works well for new businesses since it is more affordable and requires minimal supervision.

These five are only some of the several digital marketing strategies. To know more about digital marketing learn more here.

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