4 Essential Tips for Fresh Backpackers; Don’t Miss these Tips for Beginner Backpackers.

In case you haven’t gone backpacking before, it may seem a traumatizing expedition causing preparation trauma. Well, it can be if you are not well informed. We are glad that in this chronicle, you will get all the essential tips to make your first backpacking a thrilling experience. To enjoy a vast experience than the usual car campground, don’t miss these tips for beginner backpackers as listed below, enjoy your reading.


1. Pick an easy destination.

The idea here is to first learn survival tactics and basics of hiking. Before pushing your limits, you need to get comfortable in your gear, identify what items to avoid to reduce your pack weight and find out if you have omitted any important item. You can achieve this by selecting a destination near your home and not aiming too many hundreds of feet elevation gain. You can also select an established campsite where you will meet other hikers and backcountry campers who can give you moral support and a hand in case of difficulty. I cannot conclude before advising you to make sure that your select destination has enough water supply and favorable weather, extreme winter conditions are not good for first-time backpackers.

2. Put in place the right backpacking gear and clothing

Remember everything you need has to fit in your pack, your gear should, therefore, be light and compact. I know the options to select from are very many with some of the items being very expensive but select aptly since car camping gear often won’t work for you. Some of the items you need include a tent, backpack, sleeping bag, sleeping pad, stove, water treatment, and kitchen supplies. In addition, next to skin wear, hiking layers, insulation and rainwear are some of the essential clothing to carry I addition to the right shoes.

3. Plan your backpacking meals

No one survives without meals making it an essential part in the preparation. Let me mention from the onset that it’s not the time for overeating, remember heavy food adds weight to your pack. I recommend usage of dry frozen food as opposed to perishable food. Minding of the nature of activity which burns a lot of calories making you hungry, make a deliberate plan for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks to ensure you get a lot of energy. Remember to secure your food from wild animals.

4. Get ready for your trip.

Ensure you’re physically ready by doing pre-trip hikes, practice and reading articles on backpacking till you’re sure of your preparedness for the trip. Prepare psychologically by wearing the hiking gear, pitching the tent, learning first aid and compass use. Review your logistics by ensuring that you have permits necessary and identify any restrictions from authorities. Do the packing of the above-mentioned things in advance. Then leave a copy of your trip plan with your friend or family member showing plan, location and time, this is for your security.

5. A few more tips listed

Don’t miss these tips for beginner backpackers listed below in addition to the four major listed above.

  • Avoid distractors like stopping to take pictures and others
  • Purpose to hike less than ten miles a day
  • Watch out for a possibility of altitude sickness
  • Purchase a guide book for your destination
  • Treat injuries as soon as they occur
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Bring sunscreen to deal with sunburns
  • Carry a head lump and not a flashlight.

I am glad that you will not make the same mistakes I made on my first backpacking, having learned from me. Enjoy it.

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